In the beginning there was naught but darkness ruled by creatures as old as time itself. These were known as the Dark Ones, who were devastatingly intelligent and, perhaps just as terrifying, completely devoid of emotion. These beings played out their macabre plots vying for power and trying to subjugate their peers.

It was during one of these plots that the spark of light was formed. Two of the Dark Ones clashed in battle in the inky blackness. Their battle was so fierce that it shook and warped space around them and when their Nothing Blades collided, a spray of thirteen sparks scattered across the universe. These sparks held the energy required to spawn the first of the beings known as the Bright Ones; what would become known as the gods. As the sparks spread to distant corners of the realm the magical energies within them coalesced into individual beings each with a distinct personality.

The first to gain sentience was the spark of war, born from battle with a love of bloodshed and hate. Thus was Asaggarra, the Blood Lord born.

Second came the spark of love, to continue the dance. Because the world requires disparity, thus became Melisse, the Thornless Rose. The only being able to slake the Blood Lords thirst.

Third came from the enchantments of the nothing blades, whose mystic energies are lost to time and space, but whose powers live on in all things magical. Thus Gollur, the Mystic One was born, and with him the first tendrils of arcane magical energy began to spread.

Next came the alpha and omega; for all things must have beginnings and ends. The two twins, Nothliri, the Lifebreather, and Morchant, the Soulsinger, who respectively create the souls of the living and claim them. Nothliri created the Sun to protect them from the Dark Ones and Morchant created the Moon to destroy them.

Then the lords of the mind were born, to shed guidance for good or for bad on all those who would come to be.  Londannan, the Wanderer, to inspire those to take another step. And Qolu, the Breaker, who twists all those she touches. Thurinis, the Enigma, who hides all that he can but knows more than he lets on.

With so much disparity, it was only natural for Ingole, the Lord of Balance, to come next. None escape his judgement and all must stand before him before they pass from this world to the next.

Then came Nama, the Weaver, to spin the strings of fate for all. Fortune and Misfortune are hers and hers alone to spread.

Rusea, the Creator, then planted the seed of life on a rock that Nothliri's light revealed. And thus was the world of Bruncae begun.

Finally, the last two sparks collided and from them came the masters of men, Ministira, the Architect, and her brother, Asahur, the Overlord. Their influence perhaps more than the rest have much impact on those of the races on Bruncae.



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